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Data extraction Question - scadie - 2020-07-28

Hi Everyone,

Do someone know how to extract a list of strike a specific station detect with that information:

Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, Distance, number of partipant

Example my station number is 2764, I will like to be able to extract the data per hours or per day with a php script.

Thank's for your help

Sylvain Cadieux

RE: Data extraction Question - mwaters - 2020-07-28

Welcome! Although this doesn't answer your question, please check out these essential links:

Change your status from Registered... to Participant

Add your station info link to your signature


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Someone else more qualified to answer your question will come along here soon enough.  Smile

RE: Data extraction Question - gerbold - 2020-07-29

Hello Sylvain,
go to the compendium at and search for strike and stroke. One of both may deliver (the majority) of what you want.