Full Version: where are the clouds ?
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some days ago i was able to select the clouds as overlay in the "live overview".
this possibility is gone.
i don't have this button anymore.
it was a nice feature to see where are the strokes and where are the clouds.

// hans
It's in the upper right corner on
sorry, i didn't ask exactly.
i mentioned
there was also a possibility to select/deselect the clouds

// hans

The Weather library - which includes the Weather and Cloud layers - has been deprecated as of June 4, 2014. This library will continue to work until June 4, 2015. After that date, the library will no longer be available.

see also:

This was the reason why I have removed the weather and cloud layer at!

Hi Egon,

thanks for the info. It's a shame that Google stops this service.

// Hans