Full Version: mobile system - does it make sense?
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I wonder if it makes sense to build a station located on a vehicle?

Last year I have been on expedition on polar circle in Russia - near Barents Sea. Having such station could significantly increase accuracy for that region. Are GPS coordinates updated often via network, or station while being registered is pinned to place? This summer I plan to go to Ukraine for a trip, where coverage is better, but still poor.

What are your thougths on it?

don't forget, you also need internet connectivity. and traffic is not so less.
for example yesterday i uploaded almost 600 MByte - and sometime much more.
but maybe you are working for an ISP and you get the internet for free - even for roaming.

// hans
600MB per 24h? Really?

OK, let's assume, that this is not a problem - anyway it's possible to use local 3G provider to get connected. Station also won't be active during driving - I imagine it as working on bivacs/camps only. Are there any other technical constrains for this idea?
Theoretically a mobile system is possible. However, it doesn't make much sense and there are no advantages, but several disadvantages (accuracy, network etc...). Our system (firmware and calculations) are designed for a fixed installation and there are no plans to change that.