Full Version: Error: Signal file not found
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Question, when I'm search in the history I'm getting on every signal this message.
I have update all the files but with the same problem.

What can be the problem?
Let me know it.
This behavior is normal. Signals older than 90 minutes must be deleted from the server due to space limitations.

I have this error even when the strike is +/- 30min ago.
Strike at screenshot is from today 14:29 and it's now 30min later.
Which version of MyBo do you use?

I think there are some fixes for that in the latest version.
I use at this moment version 1.3.
Try the update to 1.4-dev:

Just overwrite the files by uploading the new ones. Then go in your user area and choose "update database".

Backup your current installation before proceed the update.
Thanks for the link, i will try this one.
Mabye an strange question, is there someplace where i can see what files there are changed?

Because i have made also on the current version some modifications.
I have install this version and it's almost good running.
Except the first colomn that give an 25067 error about the scale, but i have nothing change about it (it's default from file).