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would it be possible to have the ability to zoom in the archive section of the site.. the archive with the animation..
example: I want to check the archive animation on "x" date for 12 hours but only in a province (im from canada)
like having the dynamic map but with the archive animation..

thanks in advance..
Would be nice, wouldn't it? 
Such features would require massive server applications... especially for 'public' viewing.
That isn't going to happen.

Stroke signal data for 'public' is normally purged on LMO after about 90 minutes or so.

Many things are possible for station owners/operators, with development talents,  and the computer / server capability...
... access to the data is available to them, on a "polling" basis for download, from main BT servers, and LMO, and the
operators can do as they will,... however, that will never be "public"... because of the massive data required,..

Please remember, Blitzortung is classed as a 'hobby', and should not be confused with a "commercial' venture!
@grelot: Yes, this would be a great feature. However, as Cutty already mentioned, it's hard to implement and needs a lot of server power.
thanks.. worth asking.. XD
as a developer myself I was expecting this kind of answer..
might be looking to be a station owner someday in the futur..

thanks again..