Full Version: NeB Q: Will nearby FM Radio Cell towers cause problems
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HI All,
I am considering purchasing a Blue (once available) and setting up at my house. My concern is that I have a cluster of several large (120-170 m tall) towers within a 0.3 km of my property. One or more at broadcasting at 93.1 MHz. another lower tower is a cell that may be using HSPA+ technology and eventually LTE... the cluster is due west of my property the direction which most of our Tstorms approach from. 

My question is, will the 'wall of towers' interfere with receiving approaching storms? I realize their broadcast bandwidths are well above the VLF of lighting but will their close proximity limit the receiver's reach to the west  Huh  TIA    
It is very difficult to shield the low frequencies as those we work with, so no! .... it's not a problem Smile
Thanks RichoAnd, I was fairly confident that would be the case, but have read some threads that dealt with interference from what would seem to be trivial sources (N american compact fluorescent light bulbs for example) that I never would give thought to and started to look for problems that probably aren't there (except my 25+ compact fluorescent bulbs I run throughout my house and shop)...