Full Version: Whats the best advice on regular rebooting of RED?
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I was once again mesmerized by watching the lightning activity in the US, and jumped over to check on my controller status, something that I've not done in awhile which is testament to the robust nature of RED.

I noticed I have sent nearly a million packets, and while some were noise, it reminded me that the controller hasn't been rebooted in a long time.

Question:  Is there a right way to do this, that is are there advantages to rebooting regularly even if things are functioning well? 

Or does it make no difference to the controller or the software buffers etc to just let it run until my power goes out or another firmware update comes along?

Are both choices equally OK? 

I just wonder if there are tables or things internal to the function of the controller that should be reset more often.
I can not give a real advice. Automatic reboot gives some additional failure tolerance. No reboots might give some hints to investigate such bugs (I'm currently working on such one Dodgy ).
At least there is no harm in the 'lazy way' out of just letting it run and with power interruptions, using those to reset the system.

If there were a clear advantage, I would use the best one.
Thanks. Dale
I always use an automatic restart (reboot) function - system RED.
I think that this is a very useful feature. During a storm, we can reduce the value of the gain (without saving to flash), and then after automatic rebooting gains will return to the previous values.
A very useful feature. In addition, the system will refresh.
Restart takes only a few seconds.
Yes, that logic makes good sense too.

Nice to have choices as long as there isn't one noticeably superior to the others.
Thank you   Dale