Full Version: Station performance
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Just wanted to compare with other users (preferrably System Blue) what sort of performance you are getting.
Are these stats good?
  • Id:1481

  • Firmware:8.0-b5

  • Controller:19.1

  • Amplifier:H1 / E1

  • Antenna 1+2:Ferrite rod, length=200mm

  • Comment:BLUE, Ferrite rods 200mm
General statistics of the last hour
  • Station active:yes

  • Last update:0.3 minutes ago

  • Last detected stroke:2016-06-17 12:30:05 UTC

  • Strokes:4,085

  • Signals:9,815

  • Locating ratio:41.6%

  • Stroke ratio:30.0% (Map)

  • Strokes station min participants (11-17 stations):13 (0.1%)