Full Version: How i make a Account ?
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Hello together

Now i get my system blue. Perfect.
But how i make a account for ?
In the documentation i can read there is a link on the "internal webserver". 
How can i reach that  Huh . 
(Maybe i'm too stupid)  Big Grin

Would be nice, if someone can help me.
Thanks in advance. 

In your web browser type the IP of your Blitzorgtung device to access the internal web server.

From there you can configure your device and register.

did also the registration but how long will it take until I receive the confirmation mail?


My station ID is 1584, but how can i register it ?
Webinterface is working fine, but don't find any link or similar to register it.
Maybe someone can do a screenshot or so.
Thanks in advance
Take your station Device-ID from webinterface and then go to -> Login . In the new username choose your username and then paste your device id... That's all Wink
Thanks for the information.
After a Firmwareupdate to Version 8.1 b1 it exists a link in the header.
Works now fine, i have registered it.
Thanks for your quick help.
Job done... No matter how!!! Wink
I had the same issue when I joined.
New around and have the same question. Anyway, I will try to follow other posts for tips and directions
I type Device-ID but registration does not occur
What to do?