Full Version: System Blue - Rocker Switch Question
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Hello All,

Received my system blue in the mail today. I have it completely put together with the exception of the rocker switch. I guess I don't understand how to connect it to the board. I understand where it is supposed to be connected, but how? Appreciate any suggestions on this!

Can't wait to get it powered up!


The System Blue assembly instructions refer to a jumper across pins 5 & 6, which was installed on my new System Blue (presumably to allow the firmware to be installed prior to shipment). With this jumper installed, you should be able to power up the board by simply plugging in the USB power connector (no need to wire the switch).

To wire the switch the jumper needs to be removed and the switch wired between the two pins (via plug in header or insulated pins).

Hi Jeff,

I guess there is no connector which can be soldered with wires to the rocker switch.

3 suggestions:

- Use a jumper to connect pin 5 and 6 of S1 while you get an appropriate connector.
- Solder short wires at the rocker switch and at the bottom side of the PCB to pin 5 and 6 of S1.
- Solder short wires at the rocker switch and directly at the connection plug to pin 5 and 6.

CU Robo Smile
Thanks for the replies guys. I will get some small wire and solder that on instead. For now, I'll keep the jumper on.

I just powered it up and it looks like it is working!! I'm very excited. I don't have it in it's permanent place yet, but plan to do that over the weekend.

Thanks again!
I bought some pig tail cables that I soldered to the switch.

They worked great.
Thanks Kevin! That's awesome.