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I took a picture of the aluminum case. In the corner you will find tapped holes. Be sure to clean the pieces of metal left behind by the manufacturing process. These small pieces of metal, if left behind, can mean the difference between working and not-working.

Also, look along the rest of the edges. You may find other small pieces there as well.

Using your fingers is not a good way to clean either. These small slivers can enter your skin and cause irritation.

Best regards,
Fred N7FMH
OMG! I didn't know, that this problem is still present. You are completely right, these chips can create a shortcut on the PCB. Thanks for the hint!

PS: I used an old toothbrush to remove the chips.
Thanks for the note. This note was already in the documentation, but fell out somehow. I do not remember that I have removed it. However, I have reinserted the note in the documentation. I hope it is ok that I have used your image.

/ Egon
Yes, use the image as you see fit!

If you look closely you will see other bit of metal that are not in the threads itself. Any of the machine areas may have small bits.

Best regards,
Fred N7FMH