Full Version: System RED with off the shelf Atmegas
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Last night I finally got around assembling the System RED that has been sitting on my shelf for a very long time now. (Really sorry about that. Reason: children)

The Atmega8's are off the shelf (not kit ones) and I'm guessing that they have to be programmed but I cannot find any information about this in the documentation or in the forum?

You'll the firmware at Wink

Don't forget to read Red_PCB_12_PCB_13_ATMEGA_info.txt.
Thank you.

I see that the latest fw there is 1.7, but trough a little googling yesterday I found 1.8.
I was lacking the fuse info, very helpful!
1.8 is for system BLUE.

For system RED use one of those:

Depending if you have Atmega48 or Atmega8.
V1.7 also handles E-Field amplifier.
Got both amps flashed with 1.7 and the correct fuse settings, works perfectly now!

Ready to go online, just waiting for an account.

Thanks again.