Full Version: Vin too low
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Hi guys,
i have red, my station is 1127 and in screen i see this message: vin too low

And in my webpage i see this message: Interference Mode (Burst) in Tracker.

I have FW 8.2 PCB 10.4/12.3

In map my station appear at red color, active / no reception.

Any idea what is problem?

Thanks guys.
Kind regards,
At a wild guess "vin too low" means that a supply voltage somewhere is too low.
Hi Dave,
But why?
I have this power supply from the beginning, why supose as work bad only now?

Where i find a power supply?
Thanks very much.
(2016-12-04, 03:37)mt007 Wrote: [ -> ]But why?
I have this power supply from the beginning, why supose as work bad only now?

Things age and die, even electronics. Just the other week I heard an "electrical crack" from under the desk where there are loads of plug in power supplies. There was no smell or smoke but one of them had simply given up, it was still producing it's rated 5 V off load but put a load on it and that dropped to 2.5 V.

(2016-12-04, 03:37)mt007 Wrote: [ -> ]Where i find a power supply?

I'd check that the existing one isn't functioning correctly first. The compendium shows that the Red supply is 5 V USB mini, under load that should be between 4.75 an 5.25 V. If you have a standard (type A) USB to mini USB lead you may have a suitable USB supply to plug it into already. A USB supply rated at 1 A or more is worth a try. Power supplies are not created equal, on the Blue system some work fine others don't. Electonics, as in parts not "consumer tech", stores should have a few suitable supplies.

The last signal visible signal on  lightningmaps has huge 70 kHz and 140 kHz components, that would explain "interference mode" and a unhappy power supply could be the reason. Blues do something similar but at 40  kHz.