Full Version: Help with assembling a Sytem Blue
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It's quite some time ago since I used to solder stuff, and looking at the parts in front of me I am afraid of messing it upĀ  Confused

Is anyone (preferrably someone already having assembled his/her system blue successfully) able and willing to assemble my new system blue? I'd prefer someone from the area D/A/CH.

I already have the boards, all neccessary components, 2 ferrite rod antennas and the alu casing.

Ordered, but not received yet: a NAVILOCK GPS Antenna NL-69AT SMA 3m, and a HomeSpot adapter.

Of course this is not a request for free work, I will pay well; offer by PM please. The components are sent by parcel and the assembly should be sent back the same way.

Looking forward to a helpful hand.
Where do you live?

take a look at this post: