Full Version: Blue - Power connection
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I know the switch has to be connected to jumper 5 and 6 but I also see two thru-hole connections, labeled power, that appear to connect to pins 5 and 6. Is that an optional location to connect the switch?

Is the only power source the USB connection?
I used these pigtails for the switch.

You can also cut the 2x3 header to be a 2x2 for pins 1,2 and 3,4.

That would leave the through holes to solder wires for the switch as well.

I would only do this if you are not using the box.

You want want to be able to disconnect the switch if you need to remove the board.
Those are great! I wish AdaFruit has better shipping rates but I ordered from them anyway. I've been a customer for a long time. I ordered a bunch of them since that's a fairly common way to hook up power for me.

I have everything assembled and tested. I just need to make a permanent H-field antenna and mount it. I also need to put the ferrite antennas "together" and mount them (whatever that ends up being). And I want to build a loop. I've got to fit that between restoring an old Heathkit HW-16, life, etc... no problemo Smile