Full Version: Signal review for a new station (Ireland #1920)
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I would like to follow SunExpress's example and request a single review review for a new set-up.  All the Best Jonathan
There is quite a spike of noise at about 45 kHz. This is intermittent at intervals of a few minutes. On LMO the green plot (ch2?) seems to get more of it and it can be very strong. Last night it also had a very pronounced amplitude variation at about 2 kHz. That is still present tonight but no where near as clear.

E-Field I'm a bit suspicious of. Often it is the only channel uploaded and the waveform is always more or less the same each time. Nature just isn't that consistent and if the origin was a strike where are the coresponding H-Fields?
David, thanks for the info - I'll move things around and see if we can see an improvement. All the Best Jonathan