Full Version: Filter orientation - BLUE
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Assembly instructions refer to a "point" on the Pin 1 corner of the filter chips.  I see no discernible point.

Perhaps it is a terminology or translation issue.

What is a fool-proof way of making sure the filters are oriented to the board properly prior to soldering?

Is the picture in the instructions correct? Is the printing on the chips consistent?  Can the printing be used as a key to orientation?

Thanks in advance...  I want to get the filters and SMA connectors filled in, so I can get the box on the air!!!
Assuming you are talking about the low pass filter - ltc1569-7 - one edge off it should be bevelled. With the bevel on the left, furthest pin away from you on left side is pin 1.

Also, found a prior thread with pix.
Yes... the low pass filters. I'm embarrassed I didn't see the bevel. My eyes are not what they use to be. Finally under my mag hood AND readers, I was able to see it... And I should have looked up the datasheet too. First filter in, jumper closed, Manual Mode, seems to be working... Now to finish the other three and the connectors.