Full Version: Station Status
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Just curious how anyone might be monitoring station status, i.e. is anyone monitoring somehow when a station goes offline, stops reporting or has no stroke count.  I kindly received a message from a fellow user yesterday that my station was online but was not reporting strokes.  Without that I would not have known as I do not always check my station info web page.  I appreciate any feedback or suggestions on this topic - including (hopefully) cost free solutions.


Write and run a script (perl, python, whatever) to grab just your stations information line from the stations list, parse the HTML and send an email for the conditions you want?
Use the station.gz file. It will be easier to parse than the HTML code.
Can you get just a single stations details via the raw data interface? The region 1 (all) stations.json.gz is currently about 150 kbytes, uncompressed about 1.7 Mbytes. The web page with a single stations data is less than 40 kbytes with the wanted data on line 189. The Region 1 .json file has 1489 lines, unless you have an early station number you're going to be loading a lot of lines to find the one you're interested in, not to mention downloading 4 times as much data in the first place...

OK you get all the station info from the stations.json file but the orginal request was to be alerted if the station was running and no signals were being received by the Blitzortung servers.
Maybe the best way is to use a Raspberry Pi in the local net which accesses the web interface of the receiver, parses the html code and extracts all the info needed to judge the status and take action. Another advantage would be that one could then sniff the raw data sent to the server.
This solution avoids any additional traffic on the servers. I am just busy with another project so I cannot try it, but maybe somebody else has some free time...
On the longer run an addition to the firmware would be nice which could deliver all status info in a well readable format such that the parsing is simpler.
Sort of like the idea of reducing server load but only the servers know if they have received signals from a given station. The station doesn't as the data is sent by UDP. The station knows how many signals it has sent, it doesn' know if they arrived.