Full Version: GREEN stations
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has the TOA System GREEN support of your servers already ended? If not, when will they be finally taken out of the computations of lightning strikes (see the announcement in the beginning of this thread in 2015).

I ask because I cannot connect to the server anymore.

In the meantime, I have set up a System RED (ID #34) and recently a System BLUE at the same location and they work without any problem.

Best regards,
Hello Thomas,
There are several System Green controllers still uploading data to the BT servers.

Also, I noticed that your System Red has very old firmware. The latest is 8.4. It does much more to reduce local noise (which I see that you have). I suggest you update it. :-)
The servers still understand what the GREEN stations are sending. As newer stations are much more better than GREEN ones (signal shape, etc), their data will be used much more often related to green ones.

Edit: The original thread had nothing to do with this topic, so I splitted it.