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(2018-03-23, 13:28)Alanpenwith Wrote: [ -> ]If that is correct I should be able to find - yes ?

Hi Alan, I hope this address is the static default address of System Blue. I could not find it in the documentation for blue but for red. Still asumig it is the same.

Let's go one step back.
The command ipconfig in the command line, which IPv4 addresses does it show for the Ethernet connection?
Once you have this IP address, get the Advanced IP Scanner and search for the entire address range of this adapter.
Let's assume Windows assigned to your Wifi adapter, then search for
Found it?

Another possibilty to find your controller has been described here:

Best regards
I just dumped all the DHCP leases in my ROUTER. The controller is now, FWIW. It's been changing lately for reasons unknown to me.

Surely, you have a router that has a web interface?
Partial success ! I have connected the controller to a wireless access point and it has connected to the Blitzortung network although the status shows as yes/no reception. However the signal graph on the statistics page is being updated. The downside is that I cannot access the controller myself possibly because it is not part of windows 7 homegroup - I'm not sure of that as Chrome cannot get into the other pc's either. I also have a steady network led showing now.
The connection is showing on the mobile router with a mac address so maybe I can get into it using that - more experiments (and advice please).
Hi All
Success ! I think I had an attack of the dyslexic IP's again. If I use the address from my router I go straight into the controller.
Thanks for all the help before.
Lets take a step back. Where and what is providing the "WiFi" internet connnection that you are attempting to share via the windows PC and it's LAN card to the blitzortung controller?

How is the Windows PC connecting to the "WiFi" internet connection?
(2018-03-27, 10:44)allsorts Wrote: [ -> ]Lets take a step back. Where and what is providing the "WiFi" internet connnection that you are attempting to share via the windows PC and it's LAN card to the blitzortung controller?

How is the Windows PC connecting to the "WiFi" internet connection?

Hi Dave
Previously with my satellite connection everything was on a 192.168.1.N range - no problem. Then I changed to mobile router for much better performance. 
I had my PC connected to a Vodafone wifi router (IP range 192.168.0.N) and as the controller has only a lan connection (default IP  I tried to share or bridge (both tried) the two networks. In the end I used a wifi access point which I had and set that up using its lan connection to the pc so it could communicate with the wifi router. Next step was to use pc to controller on lan to set DCHP to ON. Then swapped the pc-to-access to controller-to-access lans. For some reason Advanced IP scanner could not see the access point or the controller but Angry IP could see both. So now knowing the ip addresses that had been allocated I could communicate with the pc. Someone suggested setting static IP's outside the range normally allocated by the router to avoid any possible conflicts if the router restarted. Seemed like a oood idea  as a dynamic might mean I did not know what IP had been allocated. Normally I use Google Chrome so I set an IE home page to the controller so I could use a fixed short cut and that was it. Done ! I think the answer was getting each step in the right order with some enabling/disabling the pc's connections and cable swapping and finally Angry IP telling me where to go.
Sorry Alan, I'm only half following what is going on and I can't help thinking it's all raher more complicated than it needs be. I think the thing that is missing that would make things a lot easier is an ethernet switch, a box that you plug everything into and then anything can talk to anything else.  (ish...)  An 8 port gigabit switch can be had for less tha £20 (8 ports - room for expansion, gigabit because you can for not that many more pennies).

A gotcha might be how to get internet access connected to the switch. Does the Vodafone WiFi router have an ethernet socket or is it purely wireless? WAN (Wide Area Network - the internet) on 4G and LAN on WiFi? Looks like you have already used a WiFi access point to connect your PC to the Vodfone WiFi router, so that would be a way for getting the internet into the switch.  You'd end up with something like:

Internet > 4G > Vodafone Box > WiFi > Access Point > ethernet > Switch
                                                                Switch > ethernet > PC
                                                               Switch > ethernet > Blitzortung
                                                                Switch > ethernet > other things...

(Code: used to get a fixed pitch font so things align properly)

I'd use DHCP, server being the one in the Vodafone box and the PC and Blitzortung set as DHCP clients. (Make sure the PC is not acting as a server as well). Yes, there is a small risk that the PC and/or controller may change IP address on a router restart but generally speaking this doesn't happen. The router remembers the previous MAC to IP mapping and issues the same IP to the same MAC.
This looks great, Dave!

I assume the "Vodaphone Box" contains the router and firewall?
If I've got the right sort of box (Alan really needs to tell us the make and model of it). It's a box designed to connect devices associated on its WiFi hotspot LAN to the internet via a 4G mobile phone data link. In the broadest of terms it's a router and firewall, in that packets with destinations not in the LAN are routed out over the 4G link to the 'net. Firewall? Iit'll have NAT...
The 4G router is a VodafoneMobileWifi-823772 and it does not have an ethernet lan port - wholly wifi. Actually when I had the Tooway satellite connection it was shared with a neighbour who had the dish and modem so I had a wifi link to his house. That was spread around my network via a Netgear wg602 access point through a Netgear switch. I guess I could have used the same setup connecting the 602 to the Voda router. I went for fixed IP's as the router does not list the wg602 only the B controller and my PC's so IF by any chance a different dynamic IP got allocated to the access point I might have difficulty finding it. Suffice to say it now works so I am happy with it as it is.
Thanks for all the comments.
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