Full Version: New System - two (minor) problems
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I have a freshly built System Blue, undergoing initial testing.
I have created my user account, upgraded the firmware, and my system is now running 24/7 with a reasonable GPS signal.
As I am not generating any useful data, I have switched to MONITOR mode.

Problem one:  I can't see my own details in the station list.
Details:  Station 2241,    City Bristol Central,   Country United Kingdom.

Problem two:  I can't see any signals beyond the internal noise floor. (And the internal test signal)
There is power to both pre-amp cards,  but no signal pick-up.   With solar-electric panels nearby, I would have expected SOMETHING  on the E card   Undecided

It is going to be something dumb in both cases.  I will find them in the end, but would appreciate some pointers.

Many Thanks

(2018-06-23, 10:14)Kingfisher Wrote: [ -> ]Problem one:  I can't see my own details in the station list.

Sorted - I had to let the controller talk to the server(s) for a while Rolleyes