Full Version: Settings Always Reset To Default
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I haven't used your this site since last fall, and I'm annoyed every time I visit it now that my settings don't save, and everything reverts back to default whenever I revisit the lightning detection page. It never used to do this; My settings would always save and be as I left them even months afterwards.

Is this a bug or is it a new "feature" of the site? If it's new, change it back because it really blows!

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Which page, or

I think they're working on it, there's some new bugs, yes.
Are cookies enabled?
I am using Lightning Maps with Firefox on a Win 8.1 laptop.

For me too, it is no longer remembering which map style (and probably other features) I have selected, even for a few minutes. I like to use Sat view, but every time I open the site it has returned to OSM. I have not deleted my cookies, nor do I have cookies blocked on any site.

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.