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On the map, when you click on the "antenna" symbol, the instructions say

Quote:Shows stations on the map. Higher levels also show currently participarting stations (purple), offline ones and station names.
That could be improved in a number of ways, starting with the color code. I observe that the actual color code used on the map is something like this:
  • black -- vestigial stations. Example: Sunspot, New Mexico. Such stations show up on the map, but not in station status listings such as
  • red -- dysfunctional stations. Example: station 2572 (Buckeye, Arizona). Such stations have produced few if any valid signals recently.

  • blue -- interference stations. Example: station 1042 (Mesa, Arizona).

  • green -- good stations.
There may be other colors in use that I haven't noticed. In particular, contrary to what the legend currently says, I have not noticed any purple station symbols.

Also contrary to what the legend currently seems to say, low display-levels show the good stations, while higher levels show progressively more obtunded stations. The highest setting adds name-labels.

Main Specific Suggestion: Reword the legend to match the actual map behavior. The actual map behavior seems mostly reasonable.

Additional remark: IMHO the behavior could be slightly improved by making the labels option orthogonal to the choice of which stations to display. For example, it would make sense to show and label just the green stations, or just the green and blue stations, et cetera.

Additional minor remark: Check the spelling of /participating/.
The stations light up purple (and light green, oddly enough) with the lines, so only briefly.

I wouldn't mind if there were an option to show only a certain station's detected stroke lines either because that would help me determine the range of my system without having dozens of lines cluttering up the map.

I'm still trying to put together a straightforward how-to guide for the map and the station's web page since most of the content here is spread out and the wiki doesn't explain everything.
Which of these two maps are you speaking of?
Or ?

I always use the last one.
(2019-08-12, 14:32)mwaters Wrote: [ -> ]Which of these two maps are you speaking of?
Or ?

I always use the last one.

The last one. I have a feeling that the light green dots are the lightningmaps source and the light purple dots are from blitzortung.
(2019-08-12, 14:32)mwaters Wrote: [ -> ]Which of these two maps are you speaking of?
Or ?

I always use the last one.

I was referring to 

As you point out, there are other maps.

Actually there are lots of other maps. While we are discussing color codes, I note that a different color code is used for the inset map near the upper right of this station status list:

Suggestion: It might be nice to standardize the color code across all maps.
I second your suggestion!