Full Version: embedding blitzortung-map in grafana dashboard
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Hello alltogether,

blitzortung is really a great project. I am already on the list, if a station in Dortmund, germany is needed Wink

My question is: Does somebody use a blitzortung-map in grafana? I managed to embed the interactive map as html via iframe:

The embedded map is static and does not resize, if the browser window size is changed. In this case scrollbars are shown in the interactive map due to defining a static height and width:

Did somebody already try to embed a reziable map? For my case, the interactive map is not necessary. This small map is great:

I would be great if I could define
1. the central point of the map (e.g. Dortmund = 51.514468, 7.465147)
2. the width e.g in kilometers or as coordinates of how much from the map is always shown, (200 km width or "show the map until 51.336534, 9.499416")
regardless of how small or big the map is.

Any hint would be helpful.

Have a great day