Full Version: Here is a rarity: a new station near the top of the stats!
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Station 2709 in Valparaiso, Indiana has only been active for a week, yet he is consistently outperforming most of North America. I don't recall ever seeing a new station do this. Exclamation

He is in a low-noise area, the storms have been quite a distance away, and since his gains are constantly changing he is apparently in Automatic mode. Of course, he may need some assistance once some storms get close. But regardless, you have to applaud the guy! Smile

Right now, he is #3 on this chart.

He is near Chicago.
Indeed, currently the highest number of involved signals while being far away to send the highest total number of signals.
He is #4 in both Used and Involved.

If I knew how to contact him, I would send him a link to this thread. Wink