Full Version: deactivate change mail alert
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Dear All, 

Dear All, 
years ago I configured mail alerts. It is still working and I receive alerts from " Alert <>" to my configured mail address. But my mail address will change. 

My problem I do not find where to configure these alerts after I logged in at to my station 1269 . 
Maybe someone can point me where to do. 

Kind regards 
Hans, using, it is in User Area, Stroke Alerts.
To edit your email address, click on the Alert Name.
many thanks for your reply. I don't have an user area. This hint I found already before I did this posting.
But your post triggered me to look again. 
I go to go to login and enter my user name and password. 
There I see "Your stations". Interesting I have 2 identical lines "Oesterreich/Wien-Mauer JN88DD45at (1269)" 
I select the first or the second, doesn't matter. 
And then I see "Intern" and "Blitzalarm".  There I see my alarms. 

Many thanks