Full Version: Mising parts need mouser parts
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capacitor 22nf 223

transistor bc338

any help is much appreciated, the build docs do not have the specs for these parts.

Also a quick question, the solder contact on the bottom of the amplifier board at R27 does not exist, I was able to get a good wick out the top of the joint but I was wondering if this is a problem, should i clean of the resin and solder in a ring or leave it. Didn't notice until bard was nearly complete.
Hi !

Where do you live ?

I've some spare parts.


for both parts no special specifications are mentioned which implies you can buy the types as linked for:

If this are the only parts you need, maybe it's better not to order them at Mouser but get them at a local electronic store. The part will cost more but they won't charge you shipping costs so you will end up cheaper at the end.


Frank Veldhuijsen, PA4EME
BC338 ?
Any small signal npn-transistor can be used, BC547,548,549
I wound up locally (horrible selection) 2 223j polyfilm caps and a mps2222a npn transistor we'll see how they work out Sad

Both the amp board and main board power up with all appropriate lighting.

Awaiting arrival account to complete setup and testing, as well as final layout of antennas
They are just fine