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Theory.. ?? - orion_jb2001 - 2015-02-08

Hi all,

I am just watching (nearly 20.00 UTC Sunday) local commercial weather site (Weatherzone) some monsoonal activity in northern Australia. PNG and Indonesia, with their site indicting some lightning activity but no hits in the Blitz system for any Oceania stations, why??


Theory.. ?? - Mozi - 2015-02-08

Because there aren't enough BO stations up here. My two Darwin stations often get swamped with local lightning and that doesn't leave enough stations (min 4 or 5) needed to register a strike on BO

RE: Theory.. ?? - orion_jb2001 - 2015-02-08

I have seen the same situation down here as well, commercial trackers showing lighting between Brisbane and Sydney yet nothing on our network.