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Newbie Questions - chubros - 2015-02-18

Hello to everyone. I just completed my red h-field kit and i had some questions.

1) I had 2 ferrite rod 200mm antennas. Should i cut their cables and solder them to new thickest ones??

2)Do i need any special settings in the controller? I have it in automatic mode.

Thanks in advance..

RE: Newbie Questions - chubros - 2015-02-19

I just wondering because even i had a lot o signals i see the stroke number to 0. Anyone to help me?

RE: Newbie Questions - cutty - 2015-02-19

Hi Chubros
If you're showing signals, the wires are probably ok. Let's do nothing, yet.
What is your station number?


RE: Newbie Questions - chubros - 2015-02-24

Thanks for your reply. My station number is 1300. I have strokes detected but i see that the gain drops many times. Do you have any clue???

Forgot to say that i tried to different positions and different cables between controller and amplifier. Now i had a shielded cat5e 7m cable. Gain drops to 4*1*40 and goes max 10*1*40only in channel 5. Antennas soldered to board.