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New website : mobile/desktop cookie - DelandeC - 2016-02-10


When I surf blitzortung with my tablet, I'm always redirected to the dynamic map and I don't like it Big Grin

It would be nice to have a little cookie which remembers the choice I've made between the mobile or desktop version.

Regards Wink

RE: New website : mobile/desktop cookie - Egon - 2016-02-11

Yes, I have changed a lot the last days, also some path name.

I know that one should never change the path name, but it was long overdue and will probably never be necessary in future. Now in February is not so much traffic going to the website and therefore it is the best time for such changes.

You can change from mobile to desktop mode mode by mobile=0, this will only be reset if you start with * but not with subpages.