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System Blue Antennas - Roger-VP8DBR - 2016-05-17

Hi All Blitzortunger's

Can you Blitzortunger's point me in the direction of drawings / designs / plans for "non Ferrite" antennas.
Loop's or wire, I need to build up physically strong (Wind Proof) antennas for a Blue system here in Falkland Islands.
I have built up all sorts of antennas for Amateur radio use over the years so construction is not too much of a
problem. I can get hold of various sections of alloy tube, wire, insulated / non insulated in various diameters.

Regards All

Roger VP8DBR

RE: System Blue Antennas - DelandeC - 2016-05-17

You may check in the RED documentation:

You'll find some info about antennas. They are the same for system BLUE.

RE: System Blue Antennas - Roger-VP8DBR - 2016-05-17

Hi Clément

Thank you for the pointer. I am still finding my way around "Blitzortung"
Finding many very interesting documents.
73 de Roger VP8DBR

RE: System Blue Antennas - kevinmcc - 2016-05-18

I can not find the instructions now. I thought they were over on

Someone used sheets of insulating foam cut them to to fit in a plastic trash can.

The sheets were cut halfway so they lock together and form a cross shape.

Then a small channel was cut in the edges to hold the wire which was wound.

I thought there dimensions and winding counts, but I do not see it.

The plastic trash can with lid makes a nice nice container for a loop antenna if you can anchor down.

I think this is the link.