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False positive from GREECE? - chubros - 2016-09-10

Hello to all. Yesterday (09/09/2016) a lot of stikes appears on South Pelloponese in Greece that the satellite images shows no clouds there. Could anyone tell us what happened there?
Is there any explanation or it is just false positive.
Thanks in advance...

P.S. The specific time is 18:00 - 19:00 UTC

RE: False positive from GREECE? - Tobi - 2016-09-18

Check the attached picture. Lot's of station in the north/west but only two stations in south/east. They are close to the stroke and have a big influence on the result. If the measurements of both where different compared to the other stations, then they can pull (or push) the location in their direction - simply spoken. One of the both stations is a old GREEN one which has different signal type and not so good timing.

Please note that most other strokes from this thunderstorm where correct. False positives are normal.

RE: False positive from GREECE? - chubros - 2016-09-18

Many many thanks for your reply Tobi. I know that false positives is ok but i didnt know that could be so many of them. Also i suprised that the older system green has diferrent signal type and can be confusing for the others. Thanka again for your help!!!

RE: False positive from GREECE? - chubros - 2016-09-18

P.S.. I forgot to ask something about that. Is there a method to calculate the possible error in km on these false positives.(i m speaking in general and not only the specific ones)