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Blue - Power connection - Mike6158 - 2017-03-30

I know the switch has to be connected to jumper 5 and 6 but I also see two thru-hole connections, labeled power, that appear to connect to pins 5 and 6. Is that an optional location to connect the switch?

Is the only power source the USB connection?

RE: Blue - Power connection - kevinmcc - 2017-03-30

I used these pigtails for the switch.

You can also cut the 2x3 header to be a 2x2 for pins 1,2 and 3,4.

That would leave the through holes to solder wires for the switch as well.

I would only do this if you are not using the box.

You want want to be able to disconnect the switch if you need to remove the board.

RE: Blue - Power connection - Mike6158 - 2017-03-30

Those are great! I wish AdaFruit has better shipping rates but I ordered from them anyway. I've been a customer for a long time. I ordered a bunch of them since that's a fairly common way to hook up power for me.

I have everything assembled and tested. I just need to make a permanent H-field antenna and mount it. I also need to put the ferrite antennas "together" and mount them (whatever that ends up being). And I want to build a loop. I've got to fit that between restoring an old Heathkit HW-16, life, etc... no problemo Smile