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Finished, working, and happy - Mike6158 - 2017-03-30

I finished my System Blue this evening. We had a big storm roll through TX last night and this morning. It's now in Louisiana and even though my H-field amp and antenna were literally only a meter above my workbench and connected to about 15 meters of 75 ohm coax I was able to receive some strikes. I took the system offline since it's not ready for prime time but I'm very happy with it so far.

Quick review:

Build quality: Outstanding
Ease of building: Very Easy (if you are experienced with soldering)
Interface: Very nice. Updating the firmware, looking through the settings and values, etc... all easy
Overall fit, finish, etc of the case: Very nice. Everything went together perfectly.

Mistakes made  Blush

Only one dumb one that was easy to recover from. I unchecked DHCP but DID NOT write down the IP address. When I unchecked DHCP the address went to a default value and I didn't know how to reconnect. I'll make another post about how to recover your IP address using Wire Shark