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State border of Namibia - thorpe - 2017-05-21

Finding an old border around Walvis Bay in your map of Namibia, I looked up Wikipedia:
"Following the signing of a treaty between the two countries, South Africa formally transferred sovereignty of Walvis Bay ... to Namibia on 1 March 1994."
Please update! You're 23 years late! Wink
Greetings from Windhoek

ps. South Sudan is missing also!

RE: State border of Namibia - BobW - 2017-05-22

Hi Thorpe,

All we do is paste the results of lightning detection on publicly available, open source (from a variety of sources) maps. We are not cartographers, and actually don't edit or make any changes to maps other than pasting little dots representing our best estimate as to where lightning may have struck the earth based on geographical coordinates. The system doesn't actually know or care about what's on the underlying maps.