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lan problem - ohifra - 2017-06-26

Good evening, for a few hours, lan's LED started to blink slowly and I can not access the administration page any more.
The power LED is on, the led mode is on, the network flashes, the gps flashes
What can I do
Please help me
Thanks in advance

RE: lan problem - kevinmcc - 2017-06-27

Check the physical connections first.

Unplug and plug back in, both sides making sure both ends are secure.

The Ethernet chip on system blue has some odd behavior for speed.

Maybe causing issue with your switch.

RE: lan problem - ohifra - 2017-06-27

I have programmed the blue system with the firmware in dfu mode and now everything is back to normal.
Thank you

RE: lan problem - chevyman142000 - 2017-07-11

Yes, it does have some weird behavior. My switch complains about it all the time.