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Live Data Access - mlohr - 2017-07-10


I'm thinking about an Android app showing the live flashes on a map (like, but this site performs very slow at mobile devices). The only app IĀ found shows average values per area, but no live view... so i decided to join the project (registered for interested in a device) and build an own android app showing live information. But i'm far down in the list, so is there any possibility to get live data without having a own station running at the moment? I need only "one" feed, the data distribution to the android devices would be managed from one of my servers to keep the load of the main network low.

Any ideas/proposals about that?

Best regards

Live Data Access - DelandeC - 2017-07-10

There is already an Android app with live lightning

RE: Live Data Access - frederic34 - 2017-08-31

There is also this app: