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Hurricane Harvey - pasense - 2017-08-25

Hurricane Harvey is showing strong lightning activity in at least two bands in its north-eastern quadrant. Thunderstorm activity is usually associated with a strengthening of the cyclone, so Harvey may even become a strength 3 hurricane.
Last year's hurricane Matthew produced a large number of sprites during such a phase, indicating very strong positive lightning.

RE: Hurricane Harvey - pasense - 2017-08-26

[attachment=2950]The lightning activity in Harvey is still concentrated in the outer bands, where probably colder air from land is creating convection over the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico. Only few strokes are appearing from the region of the eyewall. From the ISS, the thunderstorm regions can be clearly identified by the overshooting cloud tops.
Situation at August 26, about 7 UTC:

RE: Hurricane Harvey - JupiterJoe - 2017-08-26

I feel for those people who have to deal with this unrelenting storm for days on end.
I went through Hurricane Frances years ago in Florida (along with many more), and it lasted three days, moving at 2 mph. Thankfully it wasn't near as strong as Harvey, but the length of the event wore on your nerves by the time it moved out.
My thoughts are with all that are affected and hope they all get out safely. Sad Hang in there!!