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WANTED! - System Red PCB 12 Amp board - Dave.Auld - 2017-10-25

Hi All,

I am looking for a replacement fully assembled working System Red amplifier board PCB 12 Ver.3C

The one I had in Qatar on system 1365 took the worst of the elements and is heavily corroded and non-functional. The system has now moved to Cyprus and looking to resurrect it, but need a replacement amplifier board. I do not have all my tools and soldering stations etc here in Cyprus to try and repair, hence a complete assembled board is what i would like.

The RJ45 is heavily corroded and damaged, so is the USB connector, I also suspect the Reset button is U/S and the gain pot most likely duff.

Has anybody got one spare that they do not need and could send to me? Yes, I can cover costs of postage if required....(via paypal).

Here's in anticipation!