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Solar Powering with Power bank - GilbertKE - 2017-11-18

Hello all, 
We ordered some System Blues, now in transit to Kenya, that we plan to put them multiple locations in East Africa. 

Have anyone tried powering the whole system with a power bank and solar panels? I think 5V, 1 A can power the device and an internet device
This is what I am thinking: 
  1. Power system Blue with power bank, chargeable with solar panels. 
  2. Internet supplied by 3G WiFi Router with Ethernet and WiFi SIM Card Router Huawei E5730: (
Anyone with experience on best components to look for ? 

Gilbert: Kenya

RE: Solar Powering with Power bank - allsorts - 2017-11-19

Have a search through the forums, I posted a set of rough calculations based on reasonable assumptions resulting in approximate sizing of the bits required. You might be surprised, your battery is going to have to power everything, on it's own, over night. The charging system has to charge the battery for the next night *and* run the kit...

It'll be a bit tight to squeeze everything into a 5W (5 V @ 1 A) power budget. A Blue is 2 to 3W. I have a TP-Link TL-MR3020 with 4G dongle as a backup 'net connection, just powered it from the PoE switch which said it was taking 2W (4G connected, WiFi Off). Take a look at the TL-MR3020 I thnk it'll enable a Blue connected via ethernet to access the 'net via the dongle plugged into it. No power hungry WiFi...

Assuming a 1A load your battery will have to be in the order of 24 Ahr capacity. Probably more as that doesn't leave much leeway for dull days, charging and conversion effciencies etc.

RE: Solar Powering with Power bank - GilbertKE - 2017-12-09

Thanks Dave, that is helpful