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Chaos Computer Club Congress meetup (34C3) - namaste - 2017-12-26

Hey there,

Reasonably new participant to the blitzortung project here. 
I've got two stations. one that I will be bringing to Nepal if all goes well; the other will stay hosted in Amsterdam.

From tomorrow till the beginning of the 31st of Dec, i'll be at 34C3, the yearly conference of the CCC germany that'll be in Leipzig this year.

If there's anyone that'd want to meet up there; come look for 'Justa' somewhere around the HSNL/Techinc assemblies.
I'm also bringing a fridge with home-brewed beer; so that might also be an extra incentive to come meet up.

You can also , of course, drop a private message here; i'll try to look from time to time.

Perhaps see some (other) participants or tech-heads of the project, there.