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Hello from Ireland - Danno - 2018-11-17

Hi All - newbie from Ireland here,

I'm interested in purchasing the kit for lightning detection. I currently have the Boltek and Nexstorm for the last few years but I'm not overly impressed with its accuracy and feel that it's time for a change, so I have a few questions:

Is there somewhere that sells the kit "ready made"?
Are there recommended guidelines for locating the detector?
Is there a USB connection for PC?

Any information would be greatly welcomed.

RE: Hello from Ireland - mwaters - 2018-11-17

The lightning detector has all SMD components presoldered to the boards. However, it requires some minor assembly, they are not sold as kits. It requires proficiency in soldering, electrical, and mechanical abilities. See the first post at and follow the two links.

There is no need to connect it to a computer via the USB connector, only a LAN connection is required to access its built-in webserver. The USB connector only supplies 5VDC to the unit. Why do you think you need to connect it to a computer?

There is lots of information here about where to place it, but I don't have time to look it up for you, sorry.  Basically, it needs to be located in an RF noise-free environment.

RE: Hello from Ireland - cutty - 2018-11-17

All your answers begin here:
the linked documents will outline how BT works... Some minor assembly is required. Blitzortund is NOT 'Plug and Play'.