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PCB 19.5 - toutoumeteo - 2019-06-02

I just received my kit, systhem blue. The main PCB board is the 19.5. In the documentation (see link below), there is no mention of this board, only 19.4 and earlier. I assume the instructions for the 19.4 applies to the 19.5. Is that correct or is there any thing new that I should know about?


P.S. if any body has a picture of a complete mounted PCB 19.5 to post that would be very usefull.

RE: PCB 19.5 - cutty - 2019-06-02

Any difference is minor.  Wekcome aboard!

RE: PCB 19.5 - toutoumeteo - 2019-06-02

Thanks for the fast response cutty!

RE: PCB 19.5 - dupreezd - 2019-06-02

Welcome aboard.

Here is a picture of my 19.4 which has a similar layout as the 19.5

RE: PCB 19.5 - Egon - 2019-06-02

We have replaced the GNSS module of 19.4 because it was discontinued and no longer available. At 19.5 we use the "ublox MAX-M8W" modul. That is the only difference.