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HomeAssistant extension - mrk - 2020-07-02

Any HomeAssistant users here? I've just created custom component for HomeAssistant: It monitors for lightnings in given area  and provides realtime sensors with distance / azimuth / ligntning count. I try to comply with data usage rules at - for example end users connect  through proxy mqtt service, so only single websocket connection to Blitzortung server is required.
Let me know what do you think about, thanks!

RE: HomeAssistant extension - radionerd - 2020-08-18

I've installed your HomeAssistant addon in HACS, I have no clue how to put the Blitzortung data on my map. I can usually follow an example but can't find any instructions.

RE: HomeAssistant extension - frode dahl - 2021-06-29

I use home assistant. But basic use, so not much coding.
Kinda much like radionerd