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System Blue 19.5 Board Assembled For Sale - carolinastormwatch57 - 2020-09-04


I have a Blitzortung System Blue 19.5 Board already assembled for sale. System has only been used 6 months and is working fine. Included in metal housing and includes the unit, power supply, GPS, both E-Field and H-field Antennas (2 ferrite Roads and both antenna mounting blocks).

Ready to hook up immediately and use. (Does not include coax for mounting due to cable being 100'; will include with costs for shipping).

Perfect for someone not willing to order the parts which is a problem due to being shipped from Germany and then assembling and having to purchase power supply, GPS and Antenna Cables.

Have put at least $800 in everything included plus time assembling,ect.   Asking $675 USD.

Please PM me if interested


Tom M .
Current Station #2432

RE: System Blue 19.5 Board Assembled For Sale - Alvarezz - 2021-02-12

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Hi Tom,

Have you sold it yet? If not, please email me the details with pics, if possible. My private email address: ******* or PM me. I could not send a PM because of ad pop-ups.

Best regards,

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