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My E-field antenna setup - TomVal - 2020-10-11

            Hi, got my E-field antenna setup yesterday.

I clear coted the circuit board with a couple of clear varnish for extra protection against the elements. I protected the connectors with masking tape during the spaying.
The antenna is attached to a antenna pole on a steep high ground close my house.

RE: My E-field antenna setup - mendip_defender - 2020-10-11

I plan to get some stuff for sealing the boards before sending them outdoors I think its called an Acrylic Conformal Coating.

RE: My E-field antenna setup - Rejean - 2020-10-23

I like the setup.

RE: My E-field antenna setup - cutty - 2020-11-05

I'm not a big fan of metal poles or clamps for the efield assy.... especially if a metal mount is grounded, and/or there is electrical noise in area. Remember, it functions best on capacitance between probe and earth. Mine are on fiberglass, simply taped to the mast.
Suggest use "Stuf" inside the coax connector.