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Power via POE Splitter - jchonig - 2020-12-24

Has anyone tried powering a System BLUE via a POE (802.3af or 802.3at) splitter?

Since I have a POE capable switching, this seems like a good option to simplify the wiring.



RE: Power via POE Splitter - kevinmcc - 2020-12-27

You are probably looking for similar devices.

I had considered the passive PoE injectors myself for when I was planning to move my station.

Just a word of caution on the PoE converters, they may or may not work well, just like some USB power supplies may are may not work well.

I tried a high end audio 5v power supply and the EMI was so bad I could not use it.

You'll have to experiment, see what works.

Please report back how they worked or did not work when you do experiment.

RE: Power via POE Splitter - jchonig - 2021-01-03

I bought a DSLRSKIT PoE to USB (A female) splitter. It's currently very close to the SYSTEM BLUE, I'm waiting on a shielded RJ-45 coupler so I can move it about 3' away with some sheilded Cat 6.

The noise from the P/S is displayed at and

My noise floor seems a bit high (, but the H-field antenna is just a couple feet away from the System BLUE. I have a length of SFTP cable on order so I can move it to a far corner of the basement.

RE: Power via POE Splitter - dupreezd - 2021-01-03

Jeffery, I would suggest you obtain a baseline using a 'normal' power source so that you have something to compare with when you add the POE, change cables and so on. 

Without a base line you will be flying blind and you will not know if something got worse or improved.


RE: Power via POE Splitter - jchonig - 2021-01-03

I have dozens of USB power supplies. Given the cool graphs from the controller I'll have to do a comparison.

All I need is time...

RE: Power via POE Splitter - yVega - 2021-01-06

probably, you can add a small stabilized DC-DC bost converter between poe-splitter and blue system..

RE: Power via POE Splitter - jchonig - 2021-01-07

I've ordered a POE Texas splitter to try to compare.