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Detector Coverage For Western Australia - Smithy - 2022-03-01

Hello All;
I'm just new to Blitzortung but have been operating my own weather station for a few years now (enthusiast - data send to WOW Weather). As you may know Western Australia is a fairly large chunk of land (2.6 million sq Km), yet there are only 5 detectors in total, all located within a small area in and around the capital - Perth. I live about 1600kn north of the capital in a small town near Karratha (in the Pilbara). The north west of our state has some of the most active storm/lightening areas around - a weekend in February a few weeks back recorded some 2 million lightening strikes in the Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberly regions.
I have recently ordered a Blue system - and joined the 6000+ waiting list. Hopefully things will move alone fairly quickly as views from our porch on pretty much any given night in summer reminds me there is a hell of strike data that is just waiting to be captured!

Also just putting it out there to anyone else who lives in this region that is also interested in setting up a detector is these parts...please feel free to introduce yourself and have a chat!!