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deactivate change mail alert - hans.mayer - 2023-08-29

Dear All, 

Dear All, 
years ago I configured mail alerts. It is still working and I receive alerts from " Alert <>" to my configured mail address. But my mail address will change. 

My problem I do not find where to configure these alerts after I logged in at to my station 1269 . 
Maybe someone can point me where to do. 

Kind regards 

RE: deactivate change mail alert - dupreezd - 2023-08-29

Hans, using, it is in User Area, Stroke Alerts.
To edit your email address, click on the Alert Name.

RE: deactivate change mail alert - hans.mayer - 2023-08-30

many thanks for your reply. I don't have an user area. This hint I found already before I did this posting.
But your post triggered me to look again. 
I go to go to login and enter my user name and password. 
There I see "Your stations". Interesting I have 2 identical lines "Oesterreich/Wien-Mauer JN88DD45at (1269)" 
I select the first or the second, doesn't matter. 
And then I see "Intern" and "Blitzalarm".  There I see my alarms. 

Many thanks