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RE: Happy Ortungs - Einar - 2014-08-13

(2014-08-13, 11:54)RichoAnd Wrote: If you are surrounded by electric fences, has an automatic mower with cables around the lawn, or other strong sources of noise in the area 3-150KHz, maybe your place is not optimal - here you have to ask first.

I hooked up a WB ferrite antenna to the scope and could see a couple of strong signals around 300KHz in the FFT view.I believe them to be DGNSS Gothenburg and Færder (DGPS stations). I assume these will be well taken care of by the LPF in the amplifiers?

RE: Happy Ortungs - RichoAnd - 2014-08-13

Depends on the signal strength
300KHz is damped more than 52dB, so.... Smile